Friday, June 15, 2012

Punky Purple-FTU

This tutorial was written for those with working knowledge of PSP
Supplies needed:
PSPX2 any version will work
Tube of choice :
I used Misticheskaya you can purchase from:
PicForDesign HERE
Punky Fun FTU you can download from:
Sandy's Design HERE
Mask of choice
Font of choice:
Let's get started:
Open a new image 600 by 600 transparent
From the kit copy and paste a paper of choice
 apply mask of choice merge group
From the kit copy and paste frame4 image resize 85% with magic wand
click inside frame selection modify expand by 4 from the kit copy and paste
a paper of choice selection invert delete move under frame copy and paste
 your tube of choice resize if needed position on right side of circle delete select none
Click back on the top frame layer add your tube of choice again
position on left side of frame
Copy and paste spiral3 move down above the mask layer
Copy and paste these layers:
emobunny2 resize 50%
daisy3 resize 45%
daisy2 resize 30%
kodel2 resize 50%
bow4 resize 40%
butterfly3 resize 30%
position where you like see my tag as reference
Add your name and copyright
Save as a png

Alehandra Vanhek

Armando Huerta

Gemini Creationz

Jay Trembly

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