Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Flowers-FTU

This tutorial was written for those with working knowledge of PSP
Supplies needed:
PSPX2 any version will work
Tube of choice :
I used Keith Garvey PTU you can purchase the tube from:
PSP tubes Emporium HERE
May Flowers FTU you can download from:
Jens Sweet Temptations HERE
Mask of choice:
Font of choice:
Let's Start
In psp open 0pen a new image 600 by 600
From the scrapkit copy and paste frame3 ..
with your selection tool set to rectangle draw around the frame
from the kit copy and paste a paper of choice selection invert
delete select none move under the frame
Copy and paste your tube of choice resize if needed position
 than with selection tool set to rectangle delete the part that hangs over the bottom
of frame than with eraser tool erase the top of frame that covers her hair
Copy and paste ivy4 image mirror position on right side of frame
 duplicate image mirror

From the kit copy and paste flower3 image mirror
position on the right side of frame erase the stem part of flowers
From the kit copy and paste flower5 position on the left side
do the same as in #4 above
From the kit copy and paste any other elements of choice
resize and position
With font of choice type out MAY FLOWERS
are words of choice position at bottom of tag
Click on the bottom layer in layer palette from the kit copy and paste a paper of choice
 move to bottom add your mask of choice merge group
Click on top layer in palette add your name and copyright
Save as a png

Alehandra Vanhek

Armando Huerta

Gemini Creationz

Jay Trembly

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